Corporate Yoga Teacher Training

Our 30hr corporate wellness training, will guide you on how to adapt yoga to corporate cultures, office spaces and the wide range of different body types and health levels. We will share inspiring and adaptive sequences, created specifically for the corporate world, and our secrets, not only on how to win the pitch, but more importantly, how to create a long-term relationship with your clients by guiding you on pricing strategies, marketing and sales. An overview of key anatomical concepts to help you understand the sources of chronic pains that slow employees down. We will break down what is stress at work, and how to manage it effectively. We will share our tool box of strategic movements, breathing techniques, stretches and postures that will prevent and help heal the team.


Learn the physiological effects of stress, and how to bring the body back to a relaxation response using breathing techniques. Learn about the stories we tell ourselves, and how to elicit a positive response to stress by reframing our mindset.

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Aligned Movement

Learn sequences specifically designed for the workplace. You will receive therapeutic, alignment-based sequences that will help your clients feel vibrant at work including: therapy ball rolling, stress relief and muscle tension tamers.


Deepen your anatomical knowledge. Learn to analyse posture and apply the knowledge to create form specific classes. Enhance your communication skills to empower your clients body awareness and your professional abilities.



Your corporate yoga clients have specific needs. Learn what they are and how to approach them. Acquire the language which resonates with the industry so you can consciously and confidently gain contracts and develop long lasting relationships built on trust and respect.


"As health is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity but a positive state of complete physical, mental and social well-being (WHO, 1986), a healthy working environment is one in which there is not only an absence of harmful conditions but an abundance of health-promoting ones." - World Health Organization
Create Healthy Momentum in the Workplace
  • Over 80% of workers suffer the harmful effects of stress

  • Over 75% of your day is spent sedentary, increasing movement decreases your risk of disease

  • In a study of over 56 workplaces, disability claims fell by 32%

  • 70% of employees say wellness programs positively impact their work culture

Our team

As specialists in corporate wellness, we are here to guide you to make your mark in the corporate world.

Scott Simons

President of Organik Santé Corporative, for over 10 years, he has offered wellness services to corporations across Quebec. His mission is simple: to inspire health!

Jennifer Kruidbos

Teaches alignment-based hatha yoga. Known for her warm demeanour and extensive knowledge which makes her students feel safe, relaxed and at ease.

Jen Wende

Taking wellness off the mat and into daily life. A strong advocate for anatomical alignment principles, restoration guides and mindset practices.


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